1. Tressel Treason

The Jim Tressel era has come to a close, but the rumors regarding his departure have just begun to swirl around the web. Luckily Spread Far The Fame rounded up the Top 10 reasons why Tressel peaced out of Buckeye Nation. My money's going on No. 6.

2. The Anti-Hangover

Sporting events are always a great time, but a recent lackluster effort from the Portland Timbers fans had many puzzled. Early game? Bad weather? Lack of star power? All plausible, but most likely too many hungover fans in the stands. To ensure raucous crowds in the future, Timber Army is taking a Sober Saturday pledge. No worries, it'll end morning of the game.

3. Shopping Spree

What do you get the man who has everything in the world? It's hard to imagine, but thankfully Tony Romo got us a step closer. Romo's wedding registry with Candice Crawford is available online to the public, providing a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. Wine glasses and gravy boats are pretty typical, but cookie dough scoops and french fry holders? Really?

4. Jetting North

Rumors dominated hockey media headlines for weeks and on Tuesday, the sale of the Atlanta Thrashers and its likely move to Winnipeg was finalized. The team's new owners wasted no time gearing up for next season, announcing its season-ticket sale drive, along with a handy graph to chart its progress. But doesn't True North know 13 is an unlucky number?

5. MBI -- Mafia Batted In

Living in the MLB Fan Cave may be a diehard baseball fan's dream job, but dining with mobsters? Not so much. Unless of course, Jose Bautista stops by for a visit. This new MLB Fan Cave video reimagines a classic scene from "The Untouchables," with Bautista playing the role of Joey Bats. It's a Hollywood remake waiting to happen.

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1. An Incomplete History Of Notable Sports Mascots

A timeline of sports mascots from the birth of Yale's Handsome Dan in 1889 to the Nationals' introduction of "The Presidents" in 2006. Who knew Mr. Met was conceived just before the Notre Dame Leprechaun?

3. Kimpossible

Kim Clijsters is a really good player. But not even she can take credit for this miraculous French Open shot.

5. Seriously Scottie?

Clearly anticipating Scottie Pippen's recent comments, Jason Segel explains Jordan's superiority to LeBron in the upcoming film "Bad Teacher." Although this may be the only exciting scene in the film's trailer, it should be enough to get the whole city of Cleveland to the movie theatre.

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1. Gruff Grunts

Maria Sharapova narrowly escaped an upset, voicing her frustrating every hit on the way. Lucky for those fans who don't watch tennis until the finals, "Deadspin" compiled all 47 of Sharapova's man-like grunts. I hope Sasha Vujacic has his earplugs ready.

2. "Student Athletes"

You know something's wrong with your system if "South Park" is calling you out. NCAA got the animated treatment this week when our favorite foul-mouthed kids pointed out the hypocrisy behind the free labor that is college student athletics. But slavery comparisons never work out. Just ask Adrian Peterson.

3.Legends To Losers?

Speaking of college football, you know those awful Big Ten division names? The team behind EA Sports knows they suck too, and give players the chance to name them as they wish in NCAA Football 12. I'm leaning towards Red and Blue, but only if it comes with Poké battles.

4. Fiery Fans

Sports fans are always a fiery bunch, maybe too much of the time. One fan in particular ignited his passion during the Romania Cup Final. Literally. A firecracker was thrown onto the field, almost hitting a player on the same team the fan was rooting for. Next time leave your explosives at home.

5. Pitchy Pastime

Brett Favre showed off his pitching skills in the only place left in America that would give him a standing ovation, his alma mater Southern Miss. If you ask me, it looked more like a tryout than a toss. Time to start those out of retirement rumors again.

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1. Invasion Of The Floppers

James Harden's dive is only the most recent egregious example of the flop culture pervading our sports. Complex.com does a great job documenting 50 milestones from the invasion. Also, they should be commended for kicking the list off with two examples from the Heatles.

2. David Beckham Does It All

The LA Galaxy star has finally provided a counter argument against those who say that all he amounts to is a lucky husband who can curve a soccer ball. At the same time, Beckham allowed himself to add a usable skill to his resume for when soccer is no longer an option. Still, you've got to imagine that an American athlete probably wouldn't have been nearly as gentle.

3. Match Made In Miami

Breaking News: LeBron has a friend who is not a teammate of his. Maybe it was James who helped Drake come up with, "Look at where I landed, you would think I planned it. I'm just doing me and you can never understand it."

4. Presidential Pingpong

It turns out that President Obama knows how to slam with a paddle as well as on a basketball floor. However, the boys do have the excuse of being at least a little intimidated by the Secret Service members surrounding them.

5. Barry Bonds Regains Good Karma

It looks like Barry has finally done something right. Even more impressive though is the fact that he didn't turn the nice gesture into a media stunt, instead keeping it on the down low.

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1. Presidential Play

Former President George W. Bush has always been an avid sports fan, but he knew better than to get too close to the action. He came dangerously close to crossing that line the other night when he was almost hit by an errant foul ball during a Texas Rangers game. Where's the Secret Service when you need them?

2. Rampage-o-rama

Lie detectors are pretty hard to trick, but at least they don't come equipped with punching machines when you get a question wrong. Luckily, this was just a commercial, because Lord knows I would hate to have UFC fighter Rampage Jackson on the other side of the table.

3. Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye

American sports have pretty heated rivalries, but nothing comes close to the hate stemming from European soccer contests. A five-minute moment of silence after the elimination of a rival? A funeral procession for the losing team? No way would 30,000 Red Sox fans come out a bid the Yankees adieu. But in Europe, that's just another day of sports fandom.

4. Giggs' Twitter Gag

Speaking of European soccer, Manchester United's Ryan Giggs was recently outed for cheating on his wife with a reality TV star. To make up for being a lying cheater, Giggs declared war on Twitter. Yeah, good luck with that. But like all great dramadies, the story is best told animated, complete with birds taking a dump on Giggs in court.

5. Bieber Fever

From Heisman trophies to BCS championships to No. 1 draft picks, Cam Newton's got it all. Including a crush on teen dream Justin Bieber. Newton may be a man of many talents, but singing along to "Baby" just isn't one of them.

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1. Off-season Workout

Vikings DE Ray Edwards just won his first boxing match. Congrats. In case the NFL loses games to the lockout, Edwards will be busy. Busy fighting freakin' Kimbo Slice. Good lord.

2. Heated Fans

Not only did Heat fans get to Joakim Noah, but the Chuckster as well. There's only so much verbal abuse you can take from a grown man in Ugg boots.

4. Like A Good Tweeter

Tony Allen's season is over, but there's no off-season on Twitter. Allen got rear-ended by ... I'll call her a seasoned veteran. He tweeted the entire ordeal for the world to see.

5. Jose Gone Gaga

Jose Canseco is a very strange man. This Charlie Sheen-esque series of tweets about the great Lady Gaga has reminded us of that.

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1. Real Life Angry Birds

If darts and bowling are considered sports, so should Angry Birds. Check out this interactive video of what may be the future of American athletics.

2. Looney LeBron

Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James? Not a chance. He'd probably just end up taking his talents to The Monstars.

3. U2-Bow

Watch out Angelina and Brad. Tim Tebow and Bono could form the most humanitarian duo in the world.

4. Bruce D. Pearl

Bruce Pearl's middle name is Dean-Frederick. Ironically, his new home might be in the D-League.

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1. Go Back To Rec Soccer, Please

You can't miss an easier shot in soccer if you tried. But St. Patrick's Athletic F.C. winger Sean Stewart does.

4. Going To Be A Great Read

Deadspin.com received a copy of the ESPN book, aka "Those Guys Have All The Fun" by James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales, and have shared some quick highlights. The book, which is set to be released on May 24, gives a behind the scenes look at the faces of ESPN.

5. There's A Sport For Punching, Ya Know ...

Two rugby players really go at it in this clip. The funniest part is they both walked away with no more than a yellow card.

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1. Kemba, Huskies Get Presidential Treatment

After shocking the free world with a crazy March run, the Connecticut Huskies traveled to the White House to be congratulated by its leader. Of course, Obama didn't miss an opportunity to pitch the Chicago Bulls to Kemba Walker when he got a chance.

2. Coach K Finally Makes a Mistake

At long last, we can put to rest all those conspiracy theories about Coach K being infallible. Unless, this seemingly stupid mistake is all part of his complex master plan. I wouldn't put it past the man.

3. Real Men Play Frisbee

Amazing trick shot videos are usually left to basketballers, but Brodie Smith and his trusted Frisbee are here to change that.
Let's just hope any of this took too much time away from his studies, because I'm guessing it did.

4. The IIHF: Where Amazing Happens

Although there have been a number of great plays in the chase for the Stanley Cup, few if any are comparable to this amazing effort from this Finn at the world championships. The only question now is whether or not this will get him an NHL roster spot. Either way, check out the video, you might even learn some Finnish.

5. Great (Virtual) NFL News

I know this isn't the football-related news we've all been hoping for, but the update on Madden 12 is much better news than what we've gotten from courtrooms recently. Sure, some of the technical discussion may sound a little nerdy, but it's nothing compared to the legal terms that are now being thrown around.

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1. Clowning Cutler

In Wisconsin the Green Bay Packers are king right now, influencing discourse around the state. This includes politics where the enemy isn't Republicans or Democrats, but Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears. That's nothing new though, Cutler's been Enemy No. 1 in Chicago for a while now.

2. Medieval Madness

Rain delays in baseball usually mean more time to chill in the locker room. But four baseball players from two colleges you've never heard of took advantage of the stormy weather to play a very different sport: Jousting. Nothing like a medieval throwback to bring a smile to your rain-soaked face.

4. Fancy Feet

Hines Ward is a Steelers favorite and after a strong season on "Dancing with the Stars," he's now a finale favorite. That is, if he doesn't paralyze his partner first. You can't win a mirror ball trophy dancing solo, unless you're Napolean Dynamite.

5. Kiddy Smack Talk

Sunday's dunk heard around the world brought Dwyane Wade down a few notches. On the basketball court, sports television and even in front of his own kid. Sorry, Wade, if you lose your own family to Taj Gibson's domination, you might as well hang up your basketball sneakers for good.

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