1. Highlight Hysteria

Games that come down to the wire are what make March Madness special. CBS put together a compilation of this year's best hair-raising finishes.

2. The Juno Cup

Sure, you've never heard of it, and frankly, you probably wouldn't be entertained even if you watched it. But this pre-game package by The Score is still pretty funny, and includes a new use for the Zamboni room.

3. Bill Self Choke Chart

Everyone has seen those pamphlets that help walk you through life-saving techniques in the event of an emergency. This chart is a fairly simplistic one on how to save Bill Self from choking in March.

4. Feeling Left Out

Four members of the Athletics pitching staff were photographed together for an ESPN season preview. Brandon McCarthy, the fifth starter in the Oakland rotation, decided to be proactive with the photo, tweeting "I was feeling left out I guess."

5. Signs Of The Season

Looking for the best images from the 2010-11 college basketball season? And by best, we mean ridiculous. Here's a pretty exceptional selection.

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1. Girl Power

Indi Cowie proves that anything boys can do, she can do better. As one of the best freestyle soccer players in the world (according to The New York Times and probably her parents, too) Cowie makes sure that the soccer ball never touches her hands or even the ground. Ever.

2. Just GIF-ing Around

Everyone loves a good sports GIF. But 30 of this winter's best GIFs? That's pure time-wasting mayhem. From hockey clumsiness to outrageous coaches to happy kids, this list has got it all.

3. Best of the Worst

Another week of March Madness, another unconventional bracket to bet on. Instead of basing our hopes on unpaid college players, let's break our hearts on the worst companies in America. I'm putting my money on BP, despite it being a British company.

4. No, It's Not Friday

America's obsession with the infamous Rebecca Black song "Friday" has come to an end, but it's just heating up in Canada. Our friendly neighbor to the North played the song at an Ottawa Senators game recently, proving kids aren't the only one that can rock out to it. But they are the only ones that aren't humiliated when rocking out to it.

5. Animated Reality

Animation always brings out the best in real life, and when it comes to retelling a dramatic boxing scandal, it should be the only way to portray the news. No stranger to controversy, Jose Canseco is the latest athlete to be featured in a Taiwanese animation video. It covers the recent rumor Canseco sent his twin brother to compete for him in a celebrity boxing event, complete with a smoky tanning bed scene, which I'm sure actually happened. Yeah, right.

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1. Great Moments In History With Gus Johnson

Unfortunately, Gus Johnson won't be announcing next weekend's Final Four. Instead, he'll focus on perfecting history's most important calls.

2. Pink Power

In a tight 5-4 game with 5.4 seconds remaining, the Fort Lee Fourth Grade Girls' Rec Basketball Title came down to one final possession. Just ten minutes away from the site of Brandon Knight's game winner and five minutes from the site of Juan Agudelo's tying goal, an unidentified girl in pink became New Jersey's third hero of the weekend.

3. Temple Of Football

There's nothing like a bunch of drunk Americans attempting to cheer with the same intensity as European and South American football hooligans. Although, Rex Ryan would agree with the christening of New Meadowlands Stadium as the "Temple of Football."

4. Jim Rome Acting Like Himself

Jim Rome asks Joey Rodriguez whether or not he is excited for the Final Four. No, this is not Frank Caliendo. This is just Jim Rome being himself and asking obvious questions.

5. Now The Mets Are Really Bankrupt

The Mets finally unload their 40-man roster? Sorry, Mets fans, "The Onion" is fictional. Oliver Perez was actually released, though. I guess that's a plus.

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2. Little Beast

Competitive weightlifting meets are a sight to behold. But nothing beats this little man crushing his weight and then walking off like he slayed a dragon.

3. National Progression

Want to see how teams in the National League have trended statistically in the past decade? This fantastic graph breaks down every major category and how it has or has not changed.

4. Ram-tastic!

VCU fans were ecstatic after reaching the Final Four. But this screenshot shows how amazed they were just to reach the Elite Eight after beating Florida State.

5. Stats of Fame

If a sports statistical analysis hall of fame were created, who would you nominate for enshrinement? One group asked that question to the biggest names at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

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1. Ochocinco’s Lockout Plans: Fútbol

The NFL’s 2011 season may be in jeopardy, and Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco wants to play football no matter what happens. But if the lockout does persist, he isn’t planning on playing American football in the Arena League or UFL. He’s trying out for Kansas City Sporting of Major League Soccer. And for once, Ochocinco appears to be serious.

2. Young Hasselbeck, Aspiring Bracketologist

Throw out your own March Madness bracket formula, because Matt Hasselbeck’s 5-year-old son has figured it out. Henry Hasselbeck chose teams to advance based on their mascot (Spiders or Commodores in the first round? Spiders of course!), and after 28 games he ranked No. 103 on ESPN.com. Out of 5.9 million.

4. We Are All Witnesses To ... Aerobics

LeBron dancing in an aerobics class: Does anything else need to be said? On the Ellen Degeneres Show, the Miami Heat star surprised one of Ellen’s writers, who is apparently a big LeBron fan (bandwagon, anyone?), in her aerobics class. Then, he took his talents to the class and danced awkwardly with the girls.

5. Pedro Enshrined

The most recent addition to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.? Former MLB ace Pedro Martinez, of course! The gallery becomes the most recent organization to acquire the pitcher (or, in this case, his portrait), who still has not retired. I hear the Portrait Gallery’s softball team could use an extra arm.

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1. The Gus Johnson Soundboard

Trying to get pumped up for the Southeast Regional? Listen to Gus Johnson's trademark calls before the games. Rise and fire or you'll end up in Heartbreak City.

2. Getting Buff With Paul Pierce

Have you ever wanted to watch Paul Pierce do squats? Have you ever wanted to watch Paul Pierce teach elementary school students how to do squats? Now you can.

3. Quick Is His Last Name

It turns out Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick lives up to his name. Either that or he has the remote from Adam Sandler's "Click." Watch as he uses telekinesis to make a save.

4. Nate And T-Will Travel Back To The 90s

Long before they were tormenting NBA coaches, Nate Robinson and Terrence Williams were two innocent little Seattle tweens. Props to whoever can make out the VHS they're about to watch.

5. Mark Cuban Wants To Be A Winner

Mark Cuban is going to have a make a decision. Does he want to focus on money or winning? If it's winning he's after, it's time he made the switch from Dirk to Sheen.

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1. Spring Awakening

Spring is upon us and it's time to dust off that hibernating set of golf clubs. What better way to enjoy the good weather than spend an afternoon on the golf course with your kid? Unless of course, you're this dad.

2. Something's Fishy

Catfish is a classic on the dinner table in Nashville. But on the ice? Not so much. Lucky for the Predators, they've got ice girls to clean up their fans' dirty deeds.

3. Dunkin' Kicks

Dunking over a car is SO last month. At China's CBA Dunk Contest, you get inflatable sneakers, double dunks and karate. It makes the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest seem almost legitimate.

4. Ultimate Bracket Showdown

Now that there are virtually no perfect brackets left, it's time to cheer for a new bracket showdown. Instead of college basketball players though, it's the age old battle between cats and dogs. Finally, a March Madness where everyone goes home a winner (except Cat People -- they're just creepy).

5. Knee'd, Not Wanted

An elbow to the head is no cakewalk, but a knee to the head? Gruesome. Matt Cooke is taking his 10-game punishment with his head down, but this goalkeeper has the guts to yell back at the ref. Soccer is the new hot contact sport of the spring.

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1. No Words Needed

Check out this crazy finish of a Spanish league basketball game. I have absolutamente no idea what the commentators are saying, but that's the fun part. Not even Gus Johnson could match the wheezing villain laugh after the buzzer-beating trey.

2. Frighty Lighty

The Ohio State University's David Lighty is playing in the Sweet 16. He also graduated in the winter. Congrats are in order, they really are. Unfortunately, the Chris-Tucker-in-Fifth-Element shriek he let out on national TV is hard to get past.

3. Next In Line

Juan Agudelo is apparently the next thing in U.S. soccer.
That may not be a good thing for the young Red Bulls striker. The "soccer phenom curse" is worse than the Madden curse.

4. Hoops Factory

Simeon Career Academy, alma mater of MVP-to-be Derrick Rose, won its second straight Illinois state title. It was the program's fourth in six years. That's impressive in any state, but especially in a place with as much competition as Illinois. Simeon may have a couple more banners to raise in the near future too; its best player is only a sophomore.

5. How High?

Nike has never really been known as a wallet-friendly company. Kids Parents have been shelling out big bucks for 'em before LeBron even hit the scene. And by scene I mean the Earth. Nike execs are warning of an imminent price increase, because of course $150 a pair isn't enough to offset cotton, oil and leather prices.

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1. Story of Panyee FC

We like to complain when the gym is too far away or the hoop at the local park is crooked. The kids of Panyee in Southern Thailand have a story that reminds us that you can create fields, goals and dreams anywhere.

3. Is Your Bracket Busted?

So your bracket isn't doing as well as President Obama's bracket and you're starting to wonder just how busted it is. This handy flowchart will clear up the conundrum quickly.

4. Pants-tastic!

Complicated martial arts routines are not for the faint of heart. They require discipline, commitment, focus ... and a reliable drawstring on one's pants.

5. Hipster or Athlete?

Hipster memes are endless anymore. You can find them anywhere. But it's a fun twist when you're trying to figure out if that mustache belongs to Wade Boggs or the lead singer of that one obscure band you've probably never heard of.

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2. Korver's Lucky Converse

If you're both a sports fan and the sort of person that can never get enough of St. Patrick's Day, then has Kyle Korver got an alluring auction for you. His game worn green kicks will be auctioned off on eBay to benefit a local elementary school.

4. D-Wade's Dominating Dunk

Say what you want about the Miami Heat and all of their exploits, but they know how to put together a highlight. This Dwyane Wade dunk is going on his career reel.

5. Scully is the Voice of Summer

Baseball summers just wouldn't be the same without Vin Scully, and that's even more true in Los Angeles. The Dodgers are well aware, as they put up this fantastic billboard.

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