1. Clippers Clueless ... Again

This Black History Month ad taken out by the Paper Clips is pure gold. We can only guess that the previous page was a photo recap of their team Christmas celebration ... held in late-January. Donald Sterling never fails to fail.

2. Air Head, Air Gun

Ashley Cole might go to jail. Not because he screwed it up with Cheryl Cole (even though that's a high crime in this court of opinion), but because he "accidentally" shot someone with an air rifle. Idiots are never satisfied with their latest screw up. Can't wait to see Cole's next move. From afar, of course.

3. Bologna Lollipop or Meat Salad

Baseball, food and democracy. What a combination.
Here's another: Mac 'n Cheese Burger Burrito. The West Michigan Whitecaps are letting fans vote on this season's new menu item. Based on the choices listed on the ballot, everyone may be voting for antacid next.

4. Desperation

In case you were wondering how bad the Washington Wizards were, Mike Bibby reminded us all on Monday. Instead of take the $6 million+ to play for the Wiz, Bibby clicked his heels three times and gave ALL the money back. Every penny.

5. Free Pizza

This is little Cody Collins. He'll be eating Papa John's Pizza for free in 2011 after hitting this shot during a Kennesaw State University game. Watch out for those sixth-grade girls, Cody. They only want you for your pepperoni.

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1. Melo-Drama

It was no secret that Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks wanted to be together. As nauseating as the courtship was to follow, this commercial sort of makes it charming. You know, if you don't loathe New York sports teams. If you do, it's still completely nauseating. Maybe more so.

2. Perk out of Perkins

The Celtic players were bitter that Kendrick Perkins was traded to Oklahoma City at the trade deadline. This photo is evidence that Perkins wasn't too thrilled, either.

3. Two, four, six, eight ...

Who do the Louisville Cardinals basketball players appreciate? Not this cheerleader, who ran on to the court a bit early and nearly cost the team a technical.

4. Where Durant Happens

Whoever is putting together the "Where Amazing Happens" commercials for the NBA continues to kill it, this time tweaking old footage from Kevin Durant's high school days and predicting the future.

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1. Miner Offense

It's very rare that a coach takes an ejection to the levels that UTEP's Tim Floyd did on Wednesday. But when it does happen, and the cops have to pull the coach off the floor, it's so worth it.

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1. "Pennant" Winner

Ever get into an argument with your buddy about that Robin Ventura at-bat in the fourth inning during Game 71 of the 1993 White Sox season? . Of course you have. Knowing this, programmer Steve Varga created “Pennant,” the baseball app to end all baseball apps. Sixty years of team-by-team statistical analysis. Down to the at-bat. Seriously.

2. RIP Escalade Jackson

Troy "Escalade" Jackson, NYC streetball veteran and brother of NBA great Mark Jackson, has passed.
I got the chance to see him play live during his run with the And 1 Tour. Never seen a man that big with such good footwork. He dunked too, at 360-plus pounds. RIP.

3. To The Rescue!

I swear I remember Rafael Furcal being labeled a hothead or a clubhouse cancer after he left the Braves for LA.
I’ll believe what’s proven over the rumors, though. Furcal’s a good guy in my book. He demanded a brand new fire truck be included in his contract and sent to his hometown in the Dominican Republic.

4. Someone who needs a boost ...

Remember Rashad McCants? Helped lead UNC to a national title, then occasionally helped lead stretches for the T-Wolves? Well, I do, which is why this clip of his TV pilot “The Booster Club” is so hilarious intriguing.

5. Love, Bite

Looks like the league’s leading rebounder can corral a lot more than just a basketball. Stevie Wonder could probably see that hickey from his courtside seat.

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1. Not-so-elite 11

Playing pickup hoops is always a bit of a dodgy enterprise. You never know what sort of guys you'll run into. These guys have the group of jerks, dorks and babies sorted out.

3. Kiddie Pool Swan Flop

It's labeled as a swan dive on the description, but obviously, a dive into a kiddie pool would break your neck. Besides, it nearly as remarkable that this guy didn't die from a three-story belly flop.

4. Griffin's 137 Special

Blake Griffin has dunked 137 times this season. The folks at NBA.com were kind enough to put all of those dunks on one highlight reel, and the jams fly by in about two minutes.

5. Goalie Art Assembly

For years, hockey goalies have hired artists to make their helmets and masks unique and bold. Here's a collection of some of the best design jobs in the game.

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1. Wild possibilities

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4. Winging it

There is a man that has correctly predicted 17 Super Bowl winners with chicken wings. On this video posted just before the Super Bowl, his methods are put to the test -- and pass.

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2. This is Kiteboarding

This is one of the most mesmerizing highlight reels we’ve ever seen of a sport. It makes us want to quit our day jobs, buy a jeep and live off the land on the California coast and become more in tune with our inner oneness, or something like that.

3. But he has six pack abs!

Remember when Wally Szczerbiak was the darling of college basketball? The Jimmer Fredette of Miami of Ohio, if you will? In his latest work as an analyst, he’s been downgraded to just a random dude.

5. So what? So let’s dance!

John Daly’s new golf bag was clearly inspired by Al Czervik’s bag in "Caddyshack." The only question now is whether he has Kenny Loggins and Journey cued up on his golf bag stereo playlist.

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1. Tricky goalie

UNC-Asheville keeper Lassi Hurskainen is very good at soccer. I only hope he's half as good at stopping balls as he is at kicking ball through a replica of The Alamo.

3. New tricks?

I may actually watch Oprah Winfrey's show on Thursday. Mike Vick is scheduled to appear, and it'll be interesting to see how Oprah treats him.

4. And the SI cover goes to ...

Irina Shayk is the cover model. Definitely Cristiano Ronaldo's score of year. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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