1. Watch out for this mover and shaker, Laker Girls

If every guy moved like this, cougars wouldn’t even exist. Young guys would have no shot going up against these moves. Just as the video starts to mesmerize you and the dance moves are repeated, our intrepid dancer is spotted by the Jumbotron and the crowd erupts.

2. Lego replica of the Horseshoe

It takes a serious commitment to the Buckeyes to build a replica of Ohio Stadium, and you’d think this builder is a lifelong fan. Not so. He grew up in the Netherlands, is now a professor at Ohio State and his kids probably think he’s the coolest dad ever. He even went out of his way to put President E. Gordon Gee in the model, but shockingly forgot about TCU and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

3. Madden ratings for the intangibles?

What if Madden ratings got the core of every player’s personality, detailing their motivations and personal vices? OK, maybe none of that is relevant when you’re just trying to hit Greg Jennings on a slant as Aaron Rodgers, but this chart still addresses the unspoken but valuable “Times better than Favre” factor.

4. How Holmes stays inbounds

Santonio Holmes has made a career now of toeing the sidelines for catches (and in the interest of full disclosure, not exactly being a model citizen), but it’s not like that sort of coordination and balance is easy. If this video is legitimate, then you won’t be surprised anymore when you see him pull off another tip-toe catch.

5. No thanks for Favre’s thank you

For just $299.99, Brett Favre will thank you generically specifically for all the memories of his 20-year NFL career. He’ll also sign the poster, which could not be more bland or uninspiring. More like something you could have found at a shady memorabilia store in the corner of the mall on the bad side of town.

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1. Will these faces ring a bell?

You’ve always sort of fancied yourself a detective, right? The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Frank Drebin – they all could learn a thing or two from you. Well, let’s hope you can read faces because it's nearly impossible to get a perfect score on this quiz.

2. Tricked-out scenic route

Looking for a way to kick-start your week at work while everyone else you know gets the day off? BMXer Danny MacAskill is out to inspire you with a massive collections of bike tricks that you wouldn’t even attempt on two feet.

3. Snow way!

This will easily be the coolest 10 seconds of your day. It's labeled as impossible, but this clearly is not the case. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, "I can do that, I just don't wanna."

4. Getting territorial with London soccer fans

You don’t have to be a footie fan to appreciate this map, which breaks down club fandom in the London area. It includes 15 teams, which is a lofty task. Could you imagine breaking down areas of New York just for baseball alone? Queens? Mets. Bronx? Yankees. East Village Apathetics?

5. Stronger stuff? Blake Griffin v. Shawn Kemp

Blake Griffin is constantly drawing comparisons to Shawn Kemp this year, and not too long ago, someone finally put together highlight reels comparing the two as dunkers. Maybe it’s just us, but it doesn’t seem like Kemp even comes close to looking half as weightless as Griffin at the apex of a dunk.

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1. Ready ... set ... splat!

There are many things that should be on your checklist before starting a downhill BMX race. It should include making sure your tire pressure is optimal, your helmet is strapped on correctly and that the gate is down.

2. Not even Harry Potter could ride this

Ever wonder how you could ride something that is simultaneously dumber and cooler than a unicycle? Of course you have. This seems like a terrible idea, but we have no doubt that won’t stop Harry Potter fanatics from hopping on shortly before heading to the emergency room.

4. Les Miles’ Michigan application leaked?

The only thing missing from this application is any notable skills the applicant may possess. Sure, Miles’ can’t manage a clock, but he eats grass and has a cool nickname. When the Mad Hatter comes calling, you ignore clock management, not turn into the White Rabbit with a pocket watch.

5. Breaking barriers

Sure, you look at a video like this and just chalk it up to a foreign country not being able to handle crowds that want to see Ronaldinho. Little do you know, they got this idea from the crowds in Philadelphia rushing into Citizens Bank Ballpark for Cliff Lee’s introductory press conference.

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1. Winter X-Games: Amish style

We're pretty sure this cat goes by Ezekiel "Shaun" White. Maybe the Amish do their best to avoid the comforts of modern technology, but it's clear they've got no problem embracing modern sport. We'd guess that Amish laser tag is next, but that's probably just an afternoon with slingshots in the pasture. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

2. And it dwarfs the Green Monster

They're playing baseball in Nepal in the shadow of Everest! This is much smarter than trying to climb a mountain that will most likely kill you.

3. A cross between cliff diving and gymnastics?

In the words of Ron Burgundy, "Don't aaact like you're not impressed." The best part is the end where they note the blisters on his hands -– because a 99-foot leap off a wire swing into the water obviously needs more ways to look gutsy.

4. Not ready for rhyme time

Somehow, this rap song managed to be more horrendous than Antonio Cromartie's shots at Tom Brady, while featuring 100 percent fewer curse words. The Fox Experience's best line? "You mess with Bart Scott, you get vaccinated." Does that mean Scott has some infectious disease, or is he actually doing us a favor, like making sure we don't get Swine Flu?

5. Chip shot

The fine people at Frito Lay would like you to know that they had nothing to do with Brent Musburger ruining the national championship with his "This is for all the Tostitos" line. We sort of loved it. And if they're honest, so did Frito Lay. But they had nothing to do with it, do you understand?! Nothing!

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1. Does Super Mario Have Beast Mode?

Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch’s game-clinching touchdown against New Orleans Saturday was thrilling to watch live, and now you can relive it with the background music that was missing the first time. All that’s missing is a beanstalk climb at the end.

2. Nike barrages Arizona mountains with lasers

You expected Phil Knight and company to pull out all the stops the minute their beloved Ducks made the national championship game, but imagine how confused some desert fox was when he popped out of his den and found himself uncontrollably raving with a cactus?

3. The Sandy Koufax of Wiffleball

Proclaiming him the next Koufax is sort of lofty, especially since he’s right handed and his motion is strangely reminiscent of Stephen Strasburg.

4. Dance contestant stuns audience

Competitive dancing is more of a sport than bowling, and this is sort of competitive, right? OK, we’ll admit it, we needed a loophole to ensure this made the list. Because it’s that bad awesome.

5. A-P-P-S! Apps! Apps! Apps!

It's a little disturbing that Fireman Ed has become football's most mainstream cheerleader. We think even most Jets fans would rather have the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders "Making the Team" app instead. This app? Sad. Awesome. Enterprising. Annoying. It's got it all. (Except hot women.)

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