1. Da Super Bowl?

The Caleb Hanie of Chicago’s mayoral race dropped back and let loose a political prayer. Chico tried to curry some voter favor and said that, if elected, he’d work to bring the Super Bowl to Soldier Field. Gery, my man, unless this alleged Chicago Super Bowl is a home game for the Bears, nobody cares. How about, if you get elected, you fix Chicago Public Schools, or the Transit Authority?

2. Hammerin' Herschel

I would call Herschel Walker the Julio Franco of MMA, but he'd tear Julio limb from limb so there goes that. Herschel is 48 years old and in better shape than 99.9 percent of the globe. Word is he wants to make another run at an NFL career too. You gonna tell him no?

3. Don't diss Durant

If he played for the Bulls, he’d be my favorite player without a doubt. Kevin Durant had a typical 33-point night against Miami, but the highlight of the night came after the final buzzer. KD sent some choice words at Chris Bosh, mostly about how much of a “fake tough guy” Bosh is. Bravo.

4. 'Get out the way!'

Ronnie Brewer has a vicious dunk here, but it's color commentator Stacey King who makes this clip. Watch your head, Mr. McRoberts. There’s a basketball game going on out there.

5. Cavs dial another wrong number

Who would've thought that the Dec. 2 beatdown Miami gave them would lead to this? The Cavs are horrible, any way you put it: Losers of 20 straight, losers of 30 of their last 31, they’ve gone 0 for 2011. These are professionals, yes, but when your best player is Anderson Varejao -- and he isn’t even suiting up -- things aren’t going to end well. For weeks on end, apparently.

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1. Uncorking history

The evolution of extreme sports is such that history seems to be made every couple of years. Still, this is one of the sickest moves you’ll ever see.

2. Getting territorial in the NFL

Pittsburgh has Pennsylvania bragging rights, and the Chiefs dominate an inordinate amount of the Midwest. And there is absolutely ZERO chance the Rams have that much of Missouri and Illinois. We think the NFL was a bit generous with some of these franchises’ reach.

4. World's smallest velodrome

At first, it looks like a short track and you shouldn’t be all that excited. Stick with the video until the end, and you’ll see just how tricky this competition was. Especially when a couple people go flying off the track.

5. Freakonomics of sports

Ever wonder if calling a timeout just before a field goal really changes anything? Or if the Cubs’ failures are rooted in something more concrete than a curse? A new book may have some answers for you.

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1. Vick Vision

Remember the Nike commercial for “Michael Vick: The Ride?” We do because it was freaking awesome. Well, the NFL decided to mount a video camera to Vick’s helmet for Pro Bowl practices, and the result is pretty cool.

2. The suite life ...

Want to party in a private suite at Cowboys Stadium for the Super Bowl? Start ponying up, and maybe start a pool with your friends. No word on whether you get Cowboy cheerleaders with the suite, but you better for this price.

3. ... and suite eats

OK, maybe you’ve decided the price is a bit steep for you and your friends to party in style. And you’re not missing out on THAT much, right? Well, about that…this menu’s pretty lavish. That said, it won’t rival our Super Bowl house party menu. Eat your heart out, Jerry.

4. What was Germany's strength of schedule?

To continue the assault on the BCS, fans and writers alike are finding ways to relate how absurd the system is. This time, a wily fan comes up with a stellar analogy about how WWII would have been decided if computers were in charge.

5. This Hibachi burns cash

Ever wonder how NBA players end up declaring bankruptcy? Wonder no more. Gilbert Arenas’ current court proceedings with his ex-girlfriend are shedding light on just how all that money seems to disappear. Some of the expenses make sense. But seriously, $8,000 for a TOY CAR?

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1. Gator ache

Chandler Parsons has proven time and again that he can make a big three-pointer for the Florida Gators. Against Georgia, his teammate on the bench made it clear Parsons isn’t the only the Gator with a wicked shot. Warning: This one’s going to hurt, fellas.

2. It’s about more than swooshes

This is a collection of every Nike logo ever. Nothing is more iconic in sports apparel than the classic swoosh, but Nike’s never been afraid of branding. You may be surprised just how often the apparel behemoth has cranked out a new look.

3. Nomaaaaahhhhh!

Nomar Garciaparra’s exit from Boston in 2004 paved the way to the first Sox title in 86 years, and was met with mixed feelings from the Yawkey Way faithful. Years later, it appears he still remains thankful to the fans that once worshipped the hitting machine he was.

4. Wanted: Big Mouth Coach

A frustrated Jets fan posted a Craigslist ad to vent about his current head coach. The only confusing part is that while the ad is funny, it’s practical issue is trying to replace Rex Ryan with another Rex Ryan. Might as well keep the one you’ve got, Jets fan, for better or worse. [via reddit]

5. Presidential policy ... on sports

What if when the greatest presidents in US history were actually talking about sports each time their words echoed through the years? You might be surprised to find out that Harry Truman was a big proponent of a college football playoff.

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1. Woodson calls out Obama

It’s no secret that President Obama is a massive Chicago Bears fan, and fan of all sports in Chicago. And that’s fine with Green Bay defensive back Charles Woodson because he has a plan in case the leader of the free country doesn’t want to show up to the Super Bowl.

2. U.S.S. Tar Heel

Think about the coolest place you’ve ever seen a college basketball game played. Bad news, it is now the second-coolest place you will ever see a college basketball game played. UNC and Michigan State are going to go at it on an aircraft carrier. Seriously.

3. Legends of the fall

LIFE asked five veteran football photographers with decades of experience to pick out some of their favorite shots for this 30-image gallery. There are incredible celebration shots, big picture shots and somehow, Keyshawn Johnson managed to get featured in the gallery twice.

5. Husky Houdini

UConn Husky Caroline Doty is a very good basketball player. But as this clip and men's star Kemba Walker will tell you, she is also the “best trick shot lady in the world.” We must say, the video evidence is compelling.

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1. Long-distance connection

Here’s UW-Green Bay’s Eric Valentin setting the illustrious “most half-court shots in a minute” record. It takes a lot of strength to get eight shots on the rim from that deep, let alone sink ‘em. Congrats to Eric. Once they institute the five-point shot, he’ll be on the fast track to the Association.

2. Benevolent beatdown

This story pops up every few years. Good girls hoops team + Terrible girls hoops team = Wishy-washy apologies for poor sportsmanship. Christian Heritage (Utah) put a 105-point beatdown on West Ridge Academy a few days ago, and the Heritage coach had some 'splaining to do. Some people may say it isn’t very “Christian” to beat an opponent by a hundred, but I disagree. If Jesus played ball, he’d win by those margins all the time. Who’s gonna check Jesus?

3. Remembering Jack LaLanne

Rest in peace to the king of fitness. He passed Sunday at a youthful 96. Really can’t understate how influential he was; truly the father of the home fitness movement. Without him, things like the Shake Weight would be merely another Bagel-Bites-stained blueprint on a living room floor somewhere.

4. Glass completely full

John Wall should really thank that home-court glass after this winner over Boston. I can only imagine what Rajon Rondo was saying after seeing the ball go in and not hearing a “bank!” Probably something else with four letters.

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2. Surfing ... at night

Surfing is tough for many, a way of life for others. Surfing at night with a helicopter swirling around above you? Relentlessly cool and breathtaking in its danger.

3. Real reason why Oregon won

The BCS national championship game was exciting for a number of reasons. This video is evidence that the football game was a nice backdrop for some awesome cheerleaders.

4. LeBron’s pop culture gift

Where will you take your talents? Peanut Butter has apparently made up its mind. Love him or loathe him, this advertisement is more evidence that LeBron is a cultural force.

5. Conference call

The old saying goes that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. A Boston-area grocery store decided it was OK with that plan, but we’re guessing most Pats fans disagree.

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1. Super Bowls, Super Budgets

In about three minutes, you’ll know as much about every single Super Bowl ticket as those four old guys on TV that have been to every game. Ever wonder why you don’t like those guys? It’s probably (as you’ll discover) because the average household income of attendees is $222,318.

3. Top 10 memorable sports speeches

It’s an absolute crime that Valvano and Gehrig don’t rank higher on this list. Actually, it’s a crime that Al Pacino, playing a fictional coach in a glorified soap opera of a movie, ranks higher than both Valvano and Gehrig.

4. A real Knokk-out

Say you have a problem. You like billiards. You like bowling. But you just hate picking between the two when you want to raise cain with the boys after a night of dancing the Charleston. Well sir, your dilemma is solved. Now you’ll have more time to uncover the other great mysteries of the universe. After a game or two, of course.

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1. Bad decision, weak challenge

Joel Anthony of the Heat got the poster treatment from Josh Smith. I wish I could know what was going through Anthony's head when he decided to contest one of the league's best dunkers going to his strong side, while he faced the opposite direction.

2. Boo!

Did you catch Al Davis at the Raiders press conference? Here's a slideshow, if you missed it. Good luck sleeping, ladies and gentlemen.

3. Copping Out

Ball Don't Lie shot out their midseason awards. MVP? The guard from Everywhere City, "You Make The Call." Seriously, guys? We make the call?

4. Game over

Christian Standhardinger has watched a little too much "He Got Game." After announcing that he was transferring from Nebraska to LaSalle, he got busted celebrating in the park with a lady friend of his. The HBO After Dark-type of celebration. Now LaSalle doesn't want him. You know it's bad when LaSalle won't even let you slide.

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1. Book it

Maybe this won’t be the quickest, most extreme moment of your day. But this "60 Minutes" piece on Billy Walters is pretty wild, and will make you think a little bit about that measly $20 you’ve got on the Packers-Bears game.

2. Cheerleader + Playboy = Controversy

Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley has been busy this year. She’s put in her first year as a freshman in Starkville, and managed to find time to pose for "Playboy," as well. Naturally, this is causing a static uproar that really no one can explain, but it’s an uproar nonetheless.

3. Tailgating with the Commish?

Steelers fans have had enough of Roger Goodell fining their players for hits, and now they’re openly mocking him. In their defense, this is a pretty good analogy for how ridiculous the fines can be at times.

4. Tickets for favors

It's easy to think this posting is sexual in nature, but really, "stuff" can mean anything. This person will absolutely re-enact the Civil War on your lawn or dress up like a clown and hang from the ceiling or eat as many ribs in an hour as you see fit. Or re-enact the Civil War dressed as a clown while eating ribs.

5. When you lay off enough copy editors ...

You may interpret what you see here as a mistake by an editor that just didn’t double-check before he or she sent the page to press. But this is actually an unsuccessful attempt by editors to describe Bart Scott’s postgame rant.

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