1. The Future Of Cards

Card collectors, welcome to the future. Upper Deck's newest line of basketball cards aren't really cards at all. Instead, they are miniature booklets, and feature a video screen inside that plays highlights of whichever player is represented on the front.

2. Duncan's Double Whammy

Nobody likes to get dunked on, nor does anybody like to get hit in the face with a basketball. Chris Anderson was forced to experience both, courtesy of a vintage-looking Tim Duncan.

3. One-Hand Wonder

Florida High Seminoles swingman Landus Anderson is averaging more than 19 points and 8 rebounds a game and is one of the top high school players in Florida -- and he does it all with one hand. Anderson has a medical condition known as Erb's Palsy, a paralysis that has left him with a withered right arm and no control of the fingers on his right hand.

5. Knicks Plus Rodman

Amare Stoudemire tweeted this photo of him, some Knicks buddies and Dennis Rodman hanging out on March 3. You have the right to be confused -- even Stoudemire wondered what Rodman was doing there.

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