2. Want To Practice Some NFL Combine Drills?

This girl will show you how it's done. Seems like every time I do a High Five, I find a new child who becomes my hero. At least for this week, the title belongs to this awesome girl, who also seems to have a lot more balance and dexterity than I do.

3. Top 50 Most-Jacked NBA Players

Yes, there's a list addressing this very urgent topic. Perusin' through this Top 50 List (with pictures) will make you a) shout out "HOW ON EARTH IS SERGE IBAKA NOT NO. 1, THERE'S NO HOPE FOR ME" and b) make you flex in front of the mirror sadly and consider going to the gym immediately.

4. TSwift-Bow?

Attention World: There is a chance that Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift might be dating. And in case you're wondering what a conversation between two overwhelmingly nice but not very exciting people looks like, fear not: someone has already imagined it. Also, I'm really hoping this whole thing is true because if they break up I'm just trying to imagine what sad song she can write about him that would portray him in a negative light. "You said you loved me/but then you had to leave me/because you had to help build houses for underprivileged children/in the Philippines."

5. Lin In New York, Circa 2010

So Jeremy Lin walked through Times Square back in 2010 for a rookie transition program and no one really cared about him and there is video of it. Imagine being that red-plaid-shirt guy now? "I MET JEREMY! I WAS A LITTLE SKEPTICAL THAT HE ACTUALLY PLAYED BASKETBALL WHEN HE TOLD ME HE WAS ON THE WARRIORS BACK IN 2010, AND THEN I SHOOK HIS HAND. I AM THE FIRST MEMBER OF THE LIN DYNASTY!" And remember, you guys: Obama knew about him back then.

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