1. American Idol On The Mound

Just two months after his debut album went platinum, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery returned to the diamond last weekend. After becoming a worldwide singing sensation, the high school senior crossed another dream off of his list by pitching a scoreless seventh inning for his Garner Trojans. After the game, the teen helped clean up the dugout and field, something he probably didn't have to worry about while on tour with Brad Paisley.

2. Maniacal Mascots

If figuring out those pesky 5-12 matchups isn't keeping you up at night, these 20 horrific pictures of mascots certainly will. The shot of WuShock is horrifying but I can't say any photo sent a shiver up my spine like the picture of Billy the Blue Jay from Creighton. He's just creepy.

3. A Fall Over The Wall For A Nadal Ball

I don't know what a tennis ball touched by Rafael Nadal goes for these days, but this guy at Indian Wells was willing to sacrifice his face for one. What's a bigger sign of devotion: Taking a tumble for a tennis ball or buying and wearing the exact same jacket Nadal donned after the match? Either way, this guy goes above and beyond, or in this case, over and down.

4. The Kick Heard Around Hong Kong

If you thought Americans took their kids' sports too seriously, check out this ugly match between 12-year-olds in Hong Kong. The vicious kick at 1:38 has sparked classist and racist outrage online. It's sad that the closest thing to a role model in this video is the blonde kid who immediately raises his hands in innocence and then begins pointing fingers.

5. LeBron And D-Wade Team Up To Party

One night before the Heat take on the Bulls in Chicago, Miami's infamous duo (sorry, Chris Bosh) will be hosting a party for Dwyane Wade's cousin. According to the invitation, the pair has settled for one night of excitement instead of four, five, six or seven. The only remaining question is: Who will make the final toast?

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