1. On The Market

I hear now is the perfect time to invest in the housing market, and Michael Jordan is giving you the perfect opportunity. Now the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, Jordan is looking to part ways with his $29 million Chicago home.

2. The Masked Avenger

For all of you who have wondered what the Kobe face would look like under a plastic mask, the time has finally come to find out. I have to be honest, I don't really think the masked look is working for him.

3. Obama One Of The First On Lin Bandwagon

As if Obama hadn't already cemented his legacy as the most hip Sports-Fan-in-Chief, he now is letting everyone know that he knew about Jeremy Lin before everyone. The president saw Lin in his Harvard days after Secretary of Education, and former Crimson captain, Arne Duncan told Obama to look out for the point guard.

4. Goodbye, Clipper Darrell

Now that the Clippers have CP3, Blake, and more hope than ever before in franchise history, the organization is letting go of some of its sad past, forcing Clipper Darrell to stop using the team's name. Darrell was given a season ticket by the organization, and has been offered a green and white suit by Milwaukee's Andrew Bogut if he decides to relocate.

5. The Urine Guy Speaks

As if there hasn't already been enough talk about Ryan Braun's urine, the man responsible for handling the test sample has finally spoken.
If there is one surprising detail from his statement, it's that there is no FedEx around Miller Park open on Sundays.

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