1. 'Because We're So Bad At The Super Bowl'

If you're a fan of any other team except the Patriots, you will get so much enjoyment and pure joy out of this video of this Patriots fan uncontrollably sobbing over Tom Brady's "stupidness." Best part? Her scathing attack against Eli: "It's all stupid Eli Manning's fault cause he was just, like, not stupid and he's so stupid!" I feel ya, girl. This is usually my reaction after Jets games, except I've found that dramatically weeping over Mark Sanchez's inability to play football is a lot more accurate, and infinitely less hilarious, than weeping over Brady's.

2. Fan At Giants Parade Wants To See ... Mark Sanchez!

Ah, victory ticker tape parades. Home to hundreds of thousands of loyal, devoted Giants fans ... and this girl. This hardcore fan was asked which Giants player she's most looking forward to seeing at the parade. Her answer? "Saaanchez!" Oh, right. Of course. Well, I'm glad someone's showing Marky some love, because I'm pretty sure even if this was a Jets victory parade, he still wouldn't be the player fans are most excited to see.

4. No. 1 Puppy Bowl Fan

Here's a video of a Schnauzer named Henry watching the Puppy Bowl. He looks like he's pretty high-strung when it comes to watching important sports events, which I can relate to. I like his style. He's focused, but antsy. And I love the part where he just suddenly falls and makes weird disheveled panting sounds from stressing himself out too much. Henry the Schnauzer and I have a lot in common.

5. When Senators Make Bets, Everyone Gets Beer!

New York Senator Chuck Schumer made a Super Bowl bet with New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen. He (obviously) won. The result? New York-brewed beer for everyone!

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