1. Livin' On A Prayer

Gisele Bundchen sent an email out to all her friends asking them to "Pray for Tommy" this weekend and the New York Post found out about it. Enough said. Also, Gisele, calm down with the divine intervention requests. Who do you think you are, Tim Tebow?

3. You Can't Handle The Truth

Hey, newfound NFL fans: Looking for a quick and easy way to learn about the teams you should or shouldn't be rooting for? Here’s the most straightforward guide in existence. I'm a fan of the first team on this list, and I still deem it extremely accurate. Your call, Newbie -- do you want to root for the San Diego TV Blackouts, or are you feelin' more like a Jacksonville Irrelevant kind of person? They should make these into merchandise, because I would absolutely buy a ripped up Belichick-ean hoodie that says "New England Pure Evil" on it.

4. Brotherly Love, The Manning Way

There is seriously no greater sibling duo in the history of sports than the Manning brothers. In the latest revealed story from their childhood days, Eli says Peyton used to beat the crap out of him until he could name all 12 SEC schools. I'm just imagining Peyton stomping all over Eli (figuratively and literally), and Eli just chillin' on the ground giving Peyton one of his signature Eeyore-Infused-Eli-Faces. I wish they had this on tape.

5. Only Two Days Away

We're only 48 hours away from the biggest sports event of the year, so here's your long-awaited official Puppy Bowl Scouting Report. I can tell Hunter's going to wind up being the fan favorite here. I anticipate "Huntering," a practice in which the little boxer sits in the middle of the field and chews on a bone, will become the next big Internet meme.

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