2. 'Country Roads' Buzz-Style

Marquette coach Buzz Williams is known for his antics. This time he ticks off the West Virginia faithful by dancing (to John Denver's "Country Roads") in front of the student section after a road victory. This comes from the same guy who suspended four of his players for the first half for violating team rules.

3. The Making Of Homer At The Bat

Diehard fans of The Simpsons may remember the show's 52th episode: Homer at the Bat. What they may not remember is the episode, airing Feb 20, 1992, beat out The Cosby Show and the Winter Olympics in the night's ratings. Deadspin takes you inside the making of the night Fox shocked CBS and NBC.

4. Now Pitching: Gary Carter?

Twenty years after Fox's success comes a setback for the network. New York reporter Adrienne Supino wants to remind us Mets great Gary Carter will be remembered as once of the greatest pitchers of all-time. Ironically, the next report on the newscast mentions Mayor Michael Bloomberg remembering Carter as a "catcher and slugger."

5. Jerry Lin, Be My Date??

Jeremy Lin must ask himself, "To attend or not to attend Florida State Kappa Delta formal?" Well, if that's who the girl is asking.

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