2. Living With The Fishes

It looks like footballer Thierry Henry has decided to spend part of his large soccer salary on a four-story fish tank for his new home. Let's hope for everyone's sake that he doesn't bring any cats into the new house as well.

3. And One Cut Up Steak For Mr. James

It has been public knowledge that King LeBron James is an inconsistent if not horrible tipper, but several of these restaurant habit revelations are new. I'm glad to see that the author of this article got his shots in on stat geeks and Carlos Boozer as well.

4. Tebow's Newest Club Music

Thanks to the wonderful Internet, anyone looking to get the party started right can turn to this auto-tuned version of Tim Tebow reading "Green Eggs and Ham." I have to admit that the first three quarters of this song were extremely weak, but he really seemed to pull it all together at the end -- classic Tebow move.

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