2. And The Newest Member Of The Rays Family ...

... is a cat mascot. A DJ-ing cat mascot. A DJing Cat Mascot wearing bling. Kind of like the DeadMau5 of mascots, if DeadMau5 was a semi-lame looking cat DJ. Keep doing what you're doing, Tampa Bay

3. Jump Aboard The BandwagLIN

Aaand, here's your handy dandy fan application for the Lin Bandwagon! Ah, I remember back in the day when I was linking you guys to the Tim Tebow Fan Bandwagon Application. Who would have thought at that time that we'd be swept up in, enamored with, and perhaps even more obsessed with another guy only months later. (Sorry, Timmy). I will admit I'm a member of both, but Lin a.) plays for my homeland of NY and b.) allows me to use so many ridiculously corny/awesome puns that I can already feel my life improving. Advantage: Lin.

4. Speaking Of Lin Puns...

Here's a collection of every single one used by New York papers in the last week. So now you know which ones are still available for you to use, and which ones are tacky and overdone. For example, if someone came up to you and said, "Hey, what do you think about that kid Jeremy Lin?" and you responded with "He's LINCREDIBLE!!!" it would be totally lame. BUT, if someone said to you, "Hey, Jeremy Lin is getting his own apartment in White Plains!" You could say, "Come to my LINDOW!!!" And it would be awesome. Maybe.

5. Dog-Citement All Around

Sadly, the Puppy Bowl, one of the greatest sports events our society has the chance to witness, is over and behind us. But fear not: The Westminster Dog Show still exists! And because it's impossible not to smile when looking at this, here's a bunch of pictures of dogs looking crazy/cute/weird/overly excited for a canine who just lost the Westminster Dog Show.

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