1. Titans Fans All In For Peyton

As the Peyton Manning Sweepstakes heat up, at least a couple of Tennessee Titans fans are doing all they can to woo the future Hall-of-Famer. If there is one true argument in the music video, it is the fact that the Titans really do need Manning if they hope to compete.

2. Moss, Carter Still Bickering

If you thought the Favre-Rodgers feud has gone on too long, just read about the most recent installment in the decade-old quarrel between former Vikings teammates Chris Carter and Randy Moss. It's definitely a low blow to go after Chris Carter's five-year snub streak for the HOF, but hey, that's just Randy.

3. Only In Charlotte ...

Did you know that the Charlotte Bobcats are 3-25 this year? If you want to know how they achieved such an impressively putrid mark, just watch this video. To be fair, it was Corey Maggette's first pass in weeks, and the team is far from accustomed to playing in a tied ballgame.

5. Don't Look Him In The Eyes

As if taking on five star basketball players wasn't enough, look at what visiting teams in Tuscaloosa will now have to face ... or don't if you'd prefer not to be horrified. All I'm saying is that it would be way too easy to Photoshop this guy into famous scenes and create an exceedingly popular Tumblr.

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