1. Linsanity In 2010

Michael Jordan's high school coach did not believe in him at first. Jeremy Lin's always did. That's why he bought the rights to linsanity.com in 2010.

2. Tebow-Linning

Tim Tebow haters beware: Jeremy Lin is the first athlete to follow the Tebow model. If everybody has a little faith, is the sports world going to become a playground for breakout stars?

3. Salsa Grammy

It's been a good year for Adele, as well as Victor Cruz. So good, the Super Bowl champ came within a row of getting a better seat than Adele at the Grammy Awards. Mario Manningham is out of the frame, but in the ballroom somewhere, likely along the sidelines.

4. Ochocinco No More

Despite all the talk over the past decade, Chad Ochocinco really does have a soft spot for women. He plans to change his last name back to a more formidable Johnson before his upcoming wedding to reality TV star Evelyn Lozada.

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