2. Eli: The Lovable Winner

When a Patriots fan can't even hate Eli Manning, you know it's serious. The mix of his awkwardness, humbleness, mellowness, kindness and Eeyore-esque face even in times of triumph, makes him absolutely impossible to hate. Plus, the images at the end of the game of him holding his baby daughter? Seriously, if you don't love Eli Manning, it is extremely likely/probably confirmed that you are, indeed, missing a soul.

4. NFC: Year In Review!

Missing the NFL already? No worries-here are some commemorative DVDS to honor your NFC team's amazing (or, unless you're the Giants, really sucky and/or disappointing and/or totally expected failure of a) season. The NFC West set is my personal favorite, although the Bears DVD is pretty epic as well, since the Bear appears to be personally apologizing for all the failure and inner turmoil he has thrust upon Chicagoians.

5. Exercises Ranked By Levels Of Hardcore-ness

Thinking of working out later? Here's a handy-dandy list ranking sports and fitness activities by level of a) difficulty and b) and how idiotic you would look attempting said activity in public. I am starting to reevaluate my life and coolness factor as I look at this list and fail to find anything below No. 47 that I haven't looked idiotic doing in public.

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