1. Et Tu, Eddie George?

Former running back Eddie George is tackling a new hobby in his life-after-the-NFL days: acting in Shakespeare plays. Yep. I'll just let that sentence sit there so you can all absorb it and digest it and sit back and reflect on Eddie George acting in a Shakespeare play. Because it's going to take a lot of absorption and reflection.

2. Having His Cake And Not Eating It, Too.

Nice Local Baker: Hey LeBron, here's the extravagant birthday cake you ordered, complete with crown, that I spent a ridiculously long time making with the understanding that you'd pay me or at least tweet pictures of it for publicity! LeBron's party planning people, upon seeing the cake: Um ... yeah. Not really what we were looking for. It's totes not worth anymore than $600. I mean, come on. It's just flour and milk and water. Me: Totally valid point, party planning people. It's not like you guys have unlimited amounts of money and tweet space to waste on a hardworking baker during an economic recession, right?!

3. If The BCS Ran Other Sports Events

Even though the BCS Bowls have been extremely entertaining so far, it's still very hard to not judge the system that decides them. This article discusses what other sports would be like if they were under the ruling power of the BCS system. For example, the author asks what the World Cup would be like if it were controlled by the BCS. Spoiler Alert: "There would be no World Cup."

4. Gruden Mistakes Michelle Obama For Lisa Salters

The Orange Bowl was not really exciting at all, but at least Jon Gruden provided us with one entertaining moment -- when he saw the Clemson coaches holding up a picture of Michelle Obama as one of their plays, he at first identified her as ESPN reporter Lisa Salters. My favorite part of the video is after they laugh about it for a little bit, there's this awkward silence where you can basically hear the other broadcasters thinking, "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NEVER SPEAK AGAIN ABOUT THINGS UNRELATED TO FOOTBALL, JON GRUDEN." As Jon Gruden himself would say: This Jon Gruden, let me tell you something about THIS GUY ... he cannot immediately identify our First Lady.

5. Chipotle's Marketing Team Is Super

Apparently the NFL has really strict rules about using the word "Super Bowl" in any ads, so Chipotle was really awesome and used the words "Super" and "Bowl," in giant font, with like, 74 tiny words in between them. And now, because I am so pleased with the clever and snarky marketing of Chipotle, I have an excuse to reward them by buying myself at least five of their burritos (maybe seven in case the NFL figures out a way to sue them).

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