1. The Faces Of 2011

To properly welcome us to 2012, sportspickle.com has put together a slideshow of the best sports faces of 2011. It's full of craziness with athlete mugshots, crazy fan get-ups, and of course, hockey players smiling regularly.

3. NBA Team Name Origins

Sportsnet.ca has put together a list detailing the origins of each NBA team's name. Did you know that in 1986 the Miami Heat were nearly named the Miami Vice? Or that the Utah Jazz was originally from New Orleans, where the name made a lot more sense?

5. Lambeau Heap

Packers linebacker Brad Jones took security into his own hands Sunday, laying out a fan who ran onto the field. Maybe this fan should try a sport where the object of the game isn't for huge men to hit other huge men as hard as possible.

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