1. Leaps And Bounds

The 5-11 John Lucas was the only thing that stood in LeBron James' way from throwing down a thunderous alley-oop last night against the Bulls. James did what most of us can't do when we face obstacles in life - he jumped clean over it.

2. Ferris Bueller's Honda

Check out Honda's Super Bowl commercial, featuring Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller. While it dashes the hope, which sprouted last week, of a Bueller sequel, it's a fun commercial with some nice homages to the classic film.

3. Marshall's Amazing Grab

The NFL Pro Bowl is the worst all-star game in major sports. But despite its faults, you can't deny the talent of some of these players -- take MVP Brandon Marshall and his spectacular circus touchdown catch Sunday.

4. Diop's Dud

I've seen Dwight Howard and LeBron James air ball free throws, but DeSagana Diop was at least a foot short of the front rim during a game against the Wizards this weekend. I've never understood -- nor will I ever understand -- how someone who made it to the NBA could miss free throws this badly.

5. Chara Hits The Puck Hard

During this weekend's Skills Competition, Zdeno Chara set a world record with a 108.8 mph slap shot. No amount of pads can save you from the beast that is Chara.

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