1. His Airness Speaks

As I'm a product of 1990s Chicago, anything MJ gets my attention. An author working on the latest Jordan book tweeted yesterday that Mike acknowledges Kobe Bryant as the only player who "deserves" to be compared to him. I'd say that's worth more than 5 rings, right?

2. How Dare You?

Somebody must be an FSU football fan. Chris Ellis and his wife were doing two things Americans do best: getting drunk and watching football. Unfortunately, Mrs. Ellis slipped up and comment on how "nice" Warren Sapp seemed. Chris proceeded to choke her out Sprewell-style.

3. Dez Flap

Continuing this trend of comical violence, Dez Bryant was detained in Miami over the holiday weekend for what reports are calling "a scuffle." This scuffle is alleged to have been with rapper Lil Wayne, or somebody in the Wayne entourage. I'll put my money on the entourage, because Dez would've squashed Weezy

4. Long Shot

Three-quarters court at the buzzer for the win? High Fives are in order for the ladies of Pekin High School.

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