2. Griffin's Latest Victim

Anytime Blake Griffin throws down a monster dunk it's exciting. Especially when it's with his left hand and he gets to posterize the most hated player in the league, Kris Humphries - I still don't quite understand all the Humphries hate.

3. McGee Gets Benched

JaVale McGee was benched after he tossed the ball off the backboard and then slammed it home on a fast break during the Wizards recent loss to the Rockets. I guess coach Flip Saunders doesn't accept showboating like this when the team is 1-12.

4. Congratulations, Ted

It's been about one year since Ted Williams - the homeless man with the golden voice - was saved from the streets, getting a series of jobs, including one with the Cleveland Cavaliers. One year later, he's sober, and no longer homeless or jobless; he has his own condo, a steady job and a steady girlfriend.

5. Overpaid Athletes

A common complaint about sports is that athletes make a ridiculous amount of money, considering they are playing a game. In order to make you feel worse about your own income, here's a list of the 50 worst players who made the most money.

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