1. Brady Punts

The magic ended Saturday night, when Tom Brady and the Patriots pulled a Boston massacre on Tim Tebow and the Broncos, with a 45-10 blowout. And to prove just how great he is, Brady didn't just play quarterback; he also took on the role of the punter, with a surprise 48-yard kick on third down with three minutes to go, which frustrated the Broncos and led to a scuffle.

4. The Mets Need Your Help

It's hard to not want to donate your entire paycheck when those animal cruelty commercials come on; you know, the ones with the sad Sarah McLachlan song playing over pictures of abandoned cats and dogs. This version of the commercial, which features pictures of Mets players, doesn't quite evoke the same emotional response.

5. Sumo Judge KO'd

Sumo Wrestling is a violent, dangerous sport. Just ask Judge Shozaburo Kimura, who was knocked out and diagnosed with a concussion.

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