1. Dirk Lends A Hand

Here's a cute video of Dirk Nowitzki using his super-human height to help workers reach wires that they can only attempt to touch via intense leaping. I wish I could take Dirk with me every time I go grocery shopping, because I'm always that vertically-challenged person jumping awkwardly trying to reach the dressing on the top shelf.

2. Happy Birthday! Love, Bear.

This is what happens when you let someone named “Bear” hand you a birthday cake. My favorite part is the reaction of the dude with the microphone, who just kind of looks shocked and just stares at Bear as though he has no idea how to handle this startling turn of events, and that the costumed, butter-fingered Bear-Man should really take control of the situation.

3. If Sports Teams Had Suggestion Boxes...

Here's what the entries would say. And I have one to add as a Mets fan for the Mets --"All I want is to not root for you anymore. Please trade me."

4. Worst Sports Haircuts

And for your viewing pleasure, here are the top 25 worst haircuts in sports. You know there are some crazy ones on here when Dennis Rodman doesn’t even place in the top 3.

5. Official Tim Tebow Fan Bandwagon Application

Haven't seen the light yet? Here's your official Tim Tebow Fan Application. To optimize your chances at an offer, please engage in some Tebowing while you fill this out.

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