3. Worst Sports Gifts

The holidays are here, so naturally it's the most wonderful time of the year to share the worst sports gifts you’ve ever received. Looking at this list brings back a plethora of depressing memories for me, like when I was 9 and asked for a Jets jersey and some distant relative got me a Dan Marino one instead. Typical occurrence in the life of a Jets fan. And if you have similar experiences, submit them so you can make everyone else feel better about their own depressing gift exchanges.

4. Bobby V. Facts That Make You Wish You Were Him

Bostonians, take note. In case there’s a blizzard, Bobby V. knows how to direct traffic so everyone's safe. And more importantly, he ate 120 pancakes in a pancake-eating contest in college. I would now like to request that no one ever complain about Bobby Valentine ever again, because this is the most amazing list of facts of all time.

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