1. If You Don't Learn From The Past...

This one is for you, Mikhail Prokhorov. It's NBA free agency season once again, and this year will be more hectic than ever. That's great news for every average NBA player and a nightmare for those who are in favor of fiscal responsibility.

2. Time To Buy High?

In this economic climate, you don't often have to worry about buying high, but the Green Bay Packers are giving you that option. For just $250 (plus some fees), you can become a part of one of the winningest franchises in sports, and at the perfect time. Now, you can have a response to those calls of "bandwagon fan" next time you are rocking the Green & Gold.

3. Jay Bilas: Aspiring Rapper

It's not often you hear a qualified lawyer quote Young Jeezy. It's even rarer to hear it on national TV. That said, the most surprising part of this whole scene is Bilas calling the Atlanta rapper an "urban philosopher."

4. Not A Smart Bet

This is not the year to place a bet on the Colts, but that didn't stop this weatherman from promising to wear his wife's panties if Indy lost to the Patriots, which it did. We'll have to wait and see if he comes through on the wager, and if the FCC allows it. Don't fret, we will make sure to keep you updated on this breaking story.

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