1. One City, Two Mannings ... And A Sanchez?

Aaaand the Peyton-to-Jets talk is already gracing the front of the New York newspapers, with Photoshopped pictures of No. 18 in a Jets jersey. And according to the papers, the plan is for him to be all buddy-buddy with Sanchez, who will quietly learn from the eternal wisdom of one of the greatest, and then both will live happily ever after and bring championships to the Jets. Obviously all (possibly ridiculous) speculation, but I will say he looks pretty good in green.

3. Amputee Soccer Championships

The talent and strength in this video of the Amputee Football Championships is legitimately mind-blowing. Watch this, and then make a New Year's Resolution to try to be just half as amazing and courageous as these guys.

5. "Heroics At The Beef Bowl!!"

Everything about this headline, "Oregon Football Player Performs Heimlich On Man at 'Beef Bowl'" is perfect. Seriously. There's really nothing more I can add. Except that Mark Asper also gives amazing quotes on his heroic deed. "I stood up and said, if you don't know what you're doing, I do, because I'm an Eagle Scout." This wins my favorite story of 2011.

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