2. They've Got A Big Belly Coach

Rex Ryan and Brandon Jacobs don't like each other. After Saturday's Giants victory, one megaman had the right to trash talk. And did he ever ...

3. Down Side Of Being A Two-Sport Fiancée

Antoine Walker having money problems with his ex-fiancée? Expectable. That woman now happening to be Chad Ochocinco's fiancée? Not as expected.

4. TNT's Christmas Gift

LeBron dunking over Dr. J. D-Rose standing with Jordan. Amar'e chest-bumping Ewing. Was TNT's Christmas Day video the greatest NBA promo of all time?

5. A Terrble Fight

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal began their era as co-workers in TNT's studios on Christmas. Their relationship has not always been so merry, though.

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