1. Can James Harrison Play Quarterback?

The second power outage of the night during Monday Night Football, followed by a fan running on the field, led to Big Ben to ask out loud, "Where's James Harrison when you need him?". Sure, the suspended linebacker would have been useful to catch the trespassing fan, but it's the Steelers offense that really needed help.

3. Tebow Is The New Reagan

Less than a week after Rick Perry invoked the name of Tim Tebow at a Republican debate, Perry once again compared himself to the Broncos quarterback, saying that the two have a "common pulpit." But with Tebow losing this past Sunday to the Patriots, I think it's time that Perry starts comparing himself to another NFL quarterback still riding an impressive win streak: John Skelton.

4. A Symbolic Dunk

If you're wondering what the 2011-12 LA Clippers might look like, this DeAndre Jordan dunk might give you a little clue: expect dunks, lobs and even more importantly wins. This jam came against the Lakers, no less -- perhaps an early sign of the rise of the Clips over their LA rivals.

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