1. Open Mic In St. Louis

St. Louis Rams guard Harvey Dahl did not agree with a holding call against him Sunday afternoon. He notified the referee of this with a few words of vulgarity after the call. Unfortunately for him, the referee's microphone was still open. The Edward Jones Dome, trying to find humor out of a long lost season, proceeded to play a Cee Lo Green tune.

2. God Plays Favorites?

Yes, Tim Tebow did lose this week and the Broncos' six-game winning streak was snapped. However, before the game, Tebow's pastor did acknowledge God favors congregant Tim.

4. Harbaugh Love

When your the John Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore Ravens, it's nice to have an ally playing against the hated Steelers. It's even nicer when that ally is a sibling who you can trust giving tips to. The mutual Harbaugh relationship sure did work out on Monday night.

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