1. Little Kid Thinks Tom Brady Is The Worst Person Ever

I have a new favorite person, and it's this little kid, who completely loses his mind in misery over how much he hates Tom Brady. I love his dad's attempt to calm him down with the wise words, "Maybe he'll throw a pick right here!" The kid's just like, "OH PLEASE, DAD, do you think I'm an idiot? He OBVIOUSLY ONLY THROWS TOUCHDOWNS, which is why my life is such a living hell all the time, WOE IS ME!" And then he just keeps weeping uncontrollably. When it comes to reactions during Patriots games, this child and I have a lot in common.

3. Bobby Valentine: Charity Man

Everyone’s saying lots of different stuff, both good and bad, about Bobby Valentine since he got the Red Sox job, but here’s an article that puts his efforts into perspective. He dedicates himself to charity, and always has, and we should all take one second to stop staring at the picture of him in a Groucho disguise in the Mets dugout and instead admire his devotion to doing good and taking care of the people that need it. Ok, or we can admire him and his awesome efforts while simultaneously staring at the picture of him in a Groucho disguise in the Mets dugout. That works, too.

5. All Tebow Does Is Win, Win, Win

Ah, the obligatory "Tim Tebow being photoshopped into a rap video about winning with bling around his neck" video. All he does is win, win, win. And play really poorly for 59 minutes of each game. But still. Win, win, win.

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