1. Pee-Wee Brawl

After a recent game in a Kazakhstani pee-wee hockey league, an all-out brawl erupted during the handshakes. I should be outraged, but it's just too adorable. Watch for the still-kicking-and-screaming kid being carried off the ice at around the 30 second mark in the left hand corner.

2. Blake Impresses

The expectations for Blake Griffin's (technically) sophomore season are quite high. To show that he isn't feeling the pressure, Griffin leisurely drained a 60-foot, half court shot while sitting down on the first day of training camp.

3. Zero To Hero

Paraguayan soccer player Oscar Cardozo inexplicably missed a wide open, empty net goal during a recent match. Don't feel too bad though, as Cardozo went on to net the game-winning goal in the 85th minute.

4. Big Height Difference

Check out this photo of the 7-7 former NBA center Gheorghe Muresan and the 5-7 current New England Patriots running back Danny Woodhead. The ridiculous height differences aside, Muresan is looking pretty good for an aging giant.

5. Tebowing

Tebowing [tea boh ing]: The act of 'taking a knee' in prayerful reflection. That's right, The Global Language Monitor, a website which analyzes trends in word usage throughout the world, has officially declared "tebowing" to be a word in the English Language. Okay, this is getting kind of spooky.

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