1. Tebow-Mania: All He Does Is Win

The answer is no, we couldn't go two days in a row without posting a Tim Tebow tribute song. Yet again, it's "All I Do Is Win," but today it's DJ Steve Porter's version, a mash up of auto-tuned bites from Skip Bayless, John Elway and even Tebow himself. Tebow-mania: You can't stop it.

2. What A Catch

A BB&N Knights wide receiver (Buckingham Browne and Nichols for long) made possibly the best catch you'll see this week, in a recent game against the St. Sebastians Arrows. We haven't yet invented slow enough slow-motion to catch all the bounces the ball took off his various body parts.

3. Once Again, What A Catch

Montana State wide receiver Elvis Akpla has decided to give the BB&N guy a run for his money, with this spectacular grab during the FCS quarterfinals, against Sam Houston State. A play like this can inspire the entire team, especially in a playoff situation like this. Unfortunately for Montana State, the key word there is can, because it certainly didn't inspire the Bobcats, as they were blown out, 49-13.

4. Worst Seats In The House

Texans rookie quarterback, T.J. Yates, made his first career start on Sunday, in Cincinnati against the Bengals, and helped Houston clinch the division with a game-winning touchdown in the final seconds. Even though the game was away, Yates' family was on hand -- the Bengals generously provided Yates' family with seats to the game -- In the second to last row of the upper deck.

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