1. Feets-On Training

Prepare to witness the swift, violent end of a budding b-girl's breakdancing career. I don't know how she even stayed conscious after this, so at least she can hang her hat on that.

3. Scholarship Offers ... Take That, Take That

Justin Combs, seed of Diddy, has committed to play football for UCLA. He'll probably ride the bench, unless he's waiting until training camp to shave a couple more tenths off that 40 time. I can't hate too hard, though. He's my size and is doing some serious hitting in his highlight reel.

4. Pick Your Poison

Reliever Jonathan Broxton chose to sign with the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday. Yes, I said chose. I'd choose a kick to the face from a breakdance instructor over a Royals jersey, but not Broxton. The alternative, you ask? Signing with the Mets. Makes sense.

5. UFC: Jersey Shore

This is like the Royal Rumble of women's MMA. No rules, very little clothing and smiling spectators. How do you start a fight and then get whooped?

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