1. 'Does Anyone Even Like Nickelback??!!'

It's been announced that the Canadian band Nickelback will be playing the halftime show of Lions/Packers Thanksgiving game in Detroit. This is obviously the worst idea of all time, and there's already a petition with more than 7,000 signatures against the decision. The Lions are just regaining relevance, and to solidify their relevance, they invite Nickelback? Anyone else would have been better. Seriously. Anyone. The freaking Insane Class Posse would have been a less terrifying choice than Nickelback. At least they're from Detroit.

2. British-icized Baseball

There is nothing I love more than the way British broadcasting of an American sports event sounds so weirdly articulate, and also so great. Here’s the BBC call of Freese’s Game 6 walk off home run. There’s something so awesome about the way he kind of loses his mind in excitement, but then also explains everything that is happening in perfect, descriptive, grammatically correct sentences.

3. The McCourt Saga

My favorite Taiwanese animation crew is at it again, this time breaking down the sale of the Dodgers. The video makes the whole ordeal seem like a mix between "The Departed" and "Kramer vs. Kramer," complete with a brief appearance of a cloaked Harry-Potter-looking figure who apparates onto the mound, and also Bud Selig, who seems to double as psycho killer Michael Myers from the "Halloween" series. Oh, and it's all set to really upbeat ragtime-esque piano music. So in short, it's probably the most accurate representation of the current situation in Los Angeles you'll get this week. Or ever.

4. Tim Thomas' Discover Ad

Peyton Manning's injury has not only led to a sadder football season for the Colts and fans of the NFL in general, but it's also led to a depressing lack of hilarious commercials with Peyton shouting, "Cut that meat!"or playing pingpong with Justin Timberlake. To make up for the absence of such a great talent, other athletes throughout the sports universe have really had to step it up, and in this Discover ad, Tim Thomas takes a whack at his commercial acting chops.

5. Put It In Ink: Texans 2012 Super Bowl Champs

This Texans fan is really confident in his team. Like, really, really confident. He got a permanent tattoo that already proclaims the (currently 5-3) Houston Texans as Super Bowl XLVI champions. And as the article says, there's no way he can go and change the Roman numerals. The good news is, maybe some people won't understand the Roman numerals, and will just think he's commemorating a wonderful Texans victory of Super Bowls past. (Um. They're the only NFL team who have never even made the playoffs. But maybe said people will be very casual, unobservant football fans who just think the tattoo is pretty.)

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