1. Hear Suh Roar

Unsurprisingly, Next Media Animation has decided to tackle the Ndamukong Suh situation. And according to NMA, Suh is more than just a dirty player: He also tears the limbs off his opponents' bodies and can roar like a lion.

2. Muppets And Their Matches

If you're anything like me, you've always wondered who Kermit the Frog's athlete counterpart would be considered.Thanks to SportsPickle.com, that fantasy, along with other Muppets' matches, is now a reality.

3. Lucky Bounce

Detroit Titans guard Ray McCallum scored a doozy of a basket in a recent victory against the Austin Peay Governors. As McCallum drove to the basket, he lost his balance and slammed the ball hard into the ground as he fell. The ball bounced up, off the backboard and in, and the Titans ended up winning the game by a single point.

5. Webb's Topless Venture

The RBA (Rick's Basketball Association), a league of topless dancers created by nightclub owners to fill the NBA void, will still play games, despite the return of the NBA. And to prove that the league isn't just some gimmick, the New York team has announced that the 5-7 former slam dunk champion Spud Webb will be their head coach.

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