1. Role Reversal

Bryce Harper probably beat up seventh graders when he was in third grade. I just can't ever picture him begging somebody for something. It's tough to even see him asking politely. Unless it's a name drop in a Wale song.

2. Practice Runs

Seeing as my beloved NBA probably won't return this year, Deron Williams made the right choice. Especially considering he can chuck like hell over in Turkey. He put up 50 recently and only one assist.

3. Presidential Unis

God, I love my president. The Obama Classic should be broadcast on every major network. Look out for these jerseys to go on sale, too. I want one.

4. Big Tuna

Fishermen in Massachusetts caught an 881-pound tuna earlier this month. So they basically snagged a bear out of the water. Crazy stuff. I don't know what you do with an animal that size, but my instinct tell me to sell it. And my instincts were, as always, right; a 754­-pound tuna recently sold for nearly $396,000. Great for those guys, right? Wrong. The feds seized the giant fish because the fisherman violated tuna laws: You must catch tuna with a rod or, if you were born in 1847, a harpoon. Tough break, guys.

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