1. NMA Gets Creepy

Looking for something ridiculously creepy to fill out your day? Try Next Media Animation's video of the Sandusky events, complete with blindfold metaphors, an animated Sandusky approaching a young child in the shower and more. *Shudders*

2. Rondo To Rudy

Happy Day 144 of the NBA lockout! In (mock) celebration, here's a clip of Rajon Rondo head-butting an alley-oop to Rudy Gay in a charity game that we all wish was an actual NBA game.

3. Ballin' For Obama

With the NBA lockout moving into the courts and the next Presidential election less than a year away, it can only mean one thing: Obama fundraiser basketball game! The game will take place on Dec. 12 in Washington and will feature numerous NBA stars, including Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Ray Allen, Dwight Howard and many more. Let's get this game aired on national television please.

4. Griffin And Simmons Talk Dunking

Blake Griffin recently sat down with Bill Simmons to discuss Griffin's dunk contest slams and to watch home video of a 19-year-old Simmons throwing down mini basketballs on a low hoop. I'd like to point out that we might be missing two of Griffin's first three years in the NBA, first because of an injury and now a lockout. Injustice!

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