1. Astros To The American League

There's been a lot of changing going on in MLB as of late -- name changes Florida, logo changes in Toronto and Baltimore, and now one that actually may have a legitimate impact in Houston -- the Astros are going to the American League. No word yet on whether they, like the Marlins, will be getting widely disputed and really, really ugly uniform makeovers to commemorate the change.

2. Stewart Takes Down Sandusky

A few days ago, Bob Costas conducted an interview with Jerry Sandusky. And thankfully for us, a couple of nights ago, Jon Stewart got to react. And his reaction, complete with a lot of face-palming, is absolutely perfect. There's really nothing I can say to add to this -- Stewart says everything I was thinking, and he says it with just the right balance of humor and absolute, horrified disgust.

3. And In International Logo News...

The newest London (Ontario) baseball team, "The Rippers," unveiled a logo with a creepy looking dude who looks, um, kind of exactly what you would assume Jack The Ripper would look like, if Jack The Ripper decided to throw around a baseball before each of his murders. When the team's president came under scrutiny for it, though, he was well prepared with a completely logical and thought-out counter-argument. "It's not Jack The Ripper. It's a frustrated hockey player who found he could rip the cover off of baseballs!" Ah! Of course. How could we not see that immediately! Thank goodness that's all cleared up.

4. NBA Lockout Not Over, So Players Eat Cinnamon

Dear NBA Players and NBA Owners: Please get your crap together and end the lockout. Otherwise, the most exposure you'll have to NBA players all season long is to watch them do things like stick spoons full of cinnamon down their mouths. In slow motion. With dramatic music playing in the background. So, uh ... how about that Collective Bargaining Agreement??

5. Seinfeld Names Dog After Outgoing Mets Shortstop!

Jose Reyes is most likely on his way out of New York, so what does life-long Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld do as a result? He names his new dog Jose. Because that's what Mets fans do. They willingly surround themselves with reminders of the misery and failures of their favorite team. Here's hoping Jose the pooch doesn't flee the Seinfeld residence for one in, say, Miami.

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