1. Sandusky Struggles

In his first interview since the Penn State scandal broke last week, Jerry Sandusky sounded like a complete creep. He struggled to answer basic questions, stammering and stuttering when asked if he is sexually attracted to underage boys. If this is any indication of what will happen as this case goes to court, it appears Sandusky is in big trouble.

3. Jenga!

In this new ad for Jenga, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love make the game seem a lot more awesomely fun than it is in real life. This lockout really needs to end so they can stop dunking Jenga blocks on top of each other and get back to dunking basketballs.

4. Australian Scammin'

Breland Brown, a New York Yankees minor leaguer, allegedly pretended to be a player agent, and brokered a deal that sent himself and Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Xavier Paul to the Australian Baseball League. It was quite the scam, but unfortunately for Brown, Paul realized something was amiss when someone told him he hadn't reported to the Australian team that he isn't actually on.

5. LeBron Schools Another Little Kid

At a recent appearance with kids from the London School of Basketball, LeBron James was asked to show the kids how he shoots. To save face after missing the first two wide open, mid-range jump shots, James posted up a youngster and dunked on him.

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