1. Speedy Setup

Aircraft carriers are so big, I think everything that happens on them happens in time lapse. That's the only way they could exist. I got UNC by 12.

2. Mixing It Up

Outside of Stuart Scott and Stephen A. Smith, ESPN hasn't really been a bastion of black culture. So I really commend them chronicling Grambling State's marching band's "season." The GSU football team probably gets bullied by the marching band.

3. Willie B Coming Soon

While LeBron and Durant have been dunking it up in charity games, Chris Andersen has been ... well, chillin. Probably not, but he's definitely been laying it the cut and out of the spotlight. In this SLAM Online interview, The Birdman tells about his genius reality show concept: Redneck hunting.

4. Mangled Yet Moisturized

Mike Strahan has really become a good ad man. Just look at how confident he looks knowing his hands are no longer dried out. At least what's left of them.

5. Excitement

This is the greatest field goal of all time. Just listen if you don't believe me.

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