1. The Penn State Student Who Gets It

We all know about the riots that took place at Penn State on Wednesday night, with the students looking like fools in a moment where they had a chance to show the world that they understand some things transcend football. But in case we you don't yet know about the student who didn't look like a fool, please watch this video and make sure that you do. As he says, "Firing him was the right decision. I'm in the strong minority. Look at what we're surrounded by. It's disgusting." Takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak in a situation like that. So much respect.

2. OSU Fan's Letter Of Support To PSU Fans

Also known as ... the world is ending? But no, even as a Michigan person, I must say this letter is a nice gesture. The Buckeyes fan writes to all Penn State fans, "You are not Joe Paterno...their alleged sins are not your own." It's nice to see some kindness amidst this whole mess. And slightly reassuring to still see him end it with "Pray for the children, cheer for the team, and in 2 weeks come watch us crush your Big 10 title aspirations in person."

3. It's The Marquee NFL Game Of The Year...

... and Rex Ryan is preparing for this Sunday's Jets/Pats showdown by smashing some Bill Belichick bobbleheads! Nah, he's just kidding. (Maybe.) As of late, Rex has actually been sitting at a desk full of Patriots paraphernalia for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie where he plays a rabid Patriots fan. Love or hate him, you have to give Rex a lot of credit for that. And although, as a Jets fan, my initial reaction to this was "... WAIT WHAT?" I can't wait to see the blooper reel, which I'm hoping will involve a lot of Rex screaming eloquently chosen (read: not at all eloquently chosen) Rex-isms at the Tom Brady poster behind him.

5. The Terrible Towel's Shining Moment:

ESPN has launched a new series of commercial showing fans traveling the world and whipping out their Terrible Towels to show their Steelers pride at world landmarks. It's kind of cool, but also controversial for those who would prefer to throw a Terrible Towel down the depths of the Grand Canyon. (Yep, we're looking at you, Baltimore fans). Maybe they should have chosen a more universally loved sports prop ... the vuvuzela perhaps?? Takin' on the world, one BZZZZ at a time.

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