1. Rafa Marquez Hit By A Ghost

There are a number of flopping reasons that soccer players can be annoying, even if you love the sport. This flop by the New York Red Bull and Mexican International defender is flopping ridiculous.

3. Jousting: The Original Extreme Sport

The roar of the crowd, the thundering of hooves across the dirt, full coverage from a sports network...and the explosion when man meets jousting lance.
Perhaps you thought jousting died out centuries ago. Surely you jest, peasant.

4. Gus Johnson Makes Everything Better

In the latest installment of videos synched to Gus Johnson's play-by-play calls, we present you a standard NHL hockey game. We'd crack on Gary Bettman for not making Johnson's presence mandatory, but there are plenty of other people not utilizing the big man's voice.

5. Not The Pics Ronaldo Was Looking For

Not surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo has many adoring female fans, and sometimes they send him suggestive, if not completely inappropriate photos of themselves. But when you're an engaged man, it's probably best to know the difference between "delete" and "forward."

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