1. All Hank's Rowdy Friends Are Leavin' Monday Night

After 22 years of getting ready for some football every Monday Night, Hank Williams Jr. has been officially pulled from ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcasts thanks to his comments that compared Obama to Hitler. For good measure, here's the first time the spot ever ran, back in 1989. (Side note: Dan Dierdorf looks exactly the same). But uh, after checking out Hank's website, where his "Featured Video" is a his song called "If The South Woulda Won, (We Woulda Had It Made!)," I'm not really sure why we ever wanted him and his rowdy friends over in the first place.

2. To Do List For Old, Retired QB ...

... 1. Insult Younger, Current QB. Joe Namath started the trend, bashing Mark Sanchez after the Jets QB turned in a pathetically dreadful performance on Sunday night, and now Brett Favre's joining in on the fun. Favre says he doesn't know "what took Aaron Rodgers so long" to win a Super Bowl. Chaos ensues for both in the form of a dramatic soap opera breakup scene: Former Patriot Rodney Harrison called Favre a "classless" guy whose "reputation is diminished," and Jets guard Matt Slauson's response to Namath was "that guy means nothing to us." Insert sad, dramatic violin breakup music here.

3. Bright Side Of Lockout: Still Video Games ...

Like this awesome NBA Lockout Jam! Who needs a season when there's Lean Cuisines and milkshakes, right, David Stern?!

4. Don't Fear The Beard, Embrace It!

In case you have nothing else on the planet to do this Saturday, and in case you happen to find yourself in front of Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, Pa., then you'll also happen to find yourself just steps away from the National Beard and Mustache Championships, which will be occurring inside. First place gets $600. Attention John Axford--even if your Brewers don't win tonight, you and your mustache can still be champions. Lancaster's calling your name.

5. Steve Jobs: Impact On Sports

On Wednesday, we lost one of the greatest innovators the world has ever, and will ever see. Here's a look at how his legacy will shine on in the sports world. And along with millions tweeting their love for Jobs, former Jet Damien Woody voiced his respects and then posed a powerful and appropriate question in regards to the unity of the nation and the world in their mourning: "Why do we have 2 have tragedies like this happen 2 bring ppl together?"

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