1. Too Much Moneyball

Still sitting atop the box office, "Moneyball" is the ultimate underdog story of how the A's turned their small market payroll into a championship contending team. Check out the hilarious trailer for "Too Much Moneyball," the story of how the Yankees somehow turned their endless millions into world championships.

2. Flip Flop

Marion Barber attempted a standing backflip to celebrate his touchdown on Sunday. I believe the correct terminology here would be "epic fail."

3. Deng's Worth

The Brixton pound, a complementary currency to the pound sterling, is celebrating its second anniversary by launching a new set of bills featuring the faces of former famous residents.
The five pound bill features Bulls swingman Luol Deng. If I were Deng, I would demand my next contract be paid only in Deng-faced pounds.

4. Yanks Suspend Beer Vendor

A Yankee Stadium beer vendor was suspended after higher-ups decided his back-and-forth banter with Red Sox (and former Yankee) reliever Alfredo Aceves was harassment. But Aceves joked right back, so it's a classic case of fraternizing with the enemy, which players do on and off the field all the time. Injustice!

5. Fall From Grace

NFL running backs are often perfect human specimens, using their power, quickness and agility to delicately attack holes on the field created by blockers. That said, enjoy Broncos back Knowshon Moreno's embarrassing fall off a stationary bicycle.

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