1. King's Jacket

This is Nike sportswear's second take on the letterman jacket. The company really can do no wrong so it could be see-through with peacock feathers and people would still camp out for it. This is a nice jacket, though. It's also LeBron's jacket, so the inevitable fourth-quarter jokes are bubbling up. My favorite: "Does the zipper only go up 3/4 of the way?"

2. Bust Bar Hop

The Miami Dolphins are 0-4. Reggie Bush isn't completely to blame, but he's definitely done his part to keep the Fins winless. Gotta be stressful, losing all the time. I can't blame him for going to the club to get over the obvious sorrow.

3. Putting The Beat In Beat Writer

Is this a classic Philly story or what? A Twitter war between Eagles beat guys turns physical. Here's one interpretation of how it escalated.

4. A.J. In The Booth

Now I know why my beloved White Sox catcher was in such a rush to suck all season long. He wanted to hurry up and get into the commentary booth. You can't call the World Series if you're in the World Series. Shame on me for being so selfish.

5. Threaten Him Like Beckham

Here's footage of David Beckham confronting Real Salt Lake's manager following a match. Manly Beckham moments are a rarity nowadays, so it's newsworthy.

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