2. Gad's Wicked Bad

Maybe God just hates the Red Sox. It would explain a lot.

3. How's The Weather?

David Stern vs. Dwyane Wade, head-to-head. Stern gives "Flash" a run for his money, but he comes up just a little short in the end.

4. Don’t Mess With United

A few years ago, Manchester City F.C. welcomed wealthy ownership and bought world-renowned striker Carlos Tevez from cross-town rival Manchester United. The team's supporters put up a huge billboard "welcoming" Tevez to Manchester. With Tevez now feuding with the club, Manchester United shows why you don't mess with England's most historic club.

5. One-Punch Knockout

In most sports, the teams take the preseason easy. Aaron Volpatti showed Brad Winchester that's not how hockey rolls.

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