1. 'Most Epic Implosion In History' With A Twist

Halloween's fast approaching, which means it's time for my favorite Taiwanese YouTube station to re-hash the nightmare in Boston, complete with the return of creepy Ghost Bambino, who makes some kind of weird flailing motion with his ghost-hands and causes everyone on the Red Sox, and their mascot, to suck. Just like old times! The suggestion that Ortiz could end up in pinstripes is probably more torturous for Sox fans than if they actually found themselves in a live, completely realistic version of "Saw."

2. Wait ... Baseball's Still On?

Hey, everyone, the World Series is on! Oh, wait, you know? Oh, wait, you're watching a rerun of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" instead regardless? Joel Sherman of the New York Post explains why World Series ratings are at their lowest since 1987, and it can all be traced back to the simple philosophy that "the truth is, you love what you hate." And unless you're from Texas or St. Louis, without the Yanks, Phils and Red Sox in there to despise, there's no point of watching in the first place. And people aren't.

3. Chillin' In The Fan Cave

So in case you're looking for a job, "applications are now available" to sit in a 'Fan Cave' and watch every single major league baseball game throughout every day of the 2012 season. It's being promoted by the MLB as a "Dream Job." But here's the fine print that they don't include: "Every single New York Mets game of the 2012 season not excluded." Still sound like a dream job?

4. Uplifting Message Of The Day ...

In this "Stand Up To Cancer" ad that's running during the World Series, a bunch of athletes, including Brian Wilson and his beard, stand in solidarity against cancer. The most touching moment, a moment that I think even Phillies fans wouldn’t boo through, comes towards the end, when Ron Darling is seen holding a sign that says, "I Stand up for My Catcher," in reference to Gary Carter who's battling Stage 4 brain cancer.

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