1. Big Track, Small Car

I'd hate to be the guy that has to clean up this mess of a track. Take a look at this boisterous Hot Wheels course. It features a quadruple loop de loop and covers ground both inside and outside.

2. The Next Robert Green

Who doesn't love a great Robert Green impersonation? The goalie in this video botches an easy save by trying to dive backwards at the 18 yard box.

3. World Peace On BET

Ron Artest, er I guess I mean Metta World Peace, has taken his talents to the BET stage. Unlike other basketball stars who are playing exhibition games during the lockout, Artest is focusing on developing his acting career.

4. Fight Night: NHL Edition

Let's get these guys in a ring! For a hockey fight, this is pretty top notch. But what would be so much better is to throw these guys in a boxing ring, allow them to set their feet and brawl. It gets the most heated seven seconds into the video.

5. Paws Up On Defense!

If there isn't an NBA season this year, the least the NBA could do is set up some type of cat basketball training clinic. Seriously, this cat is a real life Air Bud ... well, almost.

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