1. Change Of Scenery

It had to be coaching in LA, what was holding the almighty Adam Morrison back. Damn Phil Jackson doesn't know how to cultivate talent. Just look at the 'stache man lighting it up ... in Serbia.

2. New Mile High Club

This couple got busy while skydiving. Definitely the coolest thing ever to happen in the history of skydiving. They have my ESPY vote.

3. Choked On Chicken

Jon Lester, enjoying his millions during the off-season, spilled some unfortunate secrets about the Red Sox clubhouse refreshments. Fried chicken and beer. Great for watching the game, not so much for playing in it.

4. The Logo

You can never judge somebody. I'm reminded of that every day. Even Jerry West, one of the greatest to ever lace up sneakers, has admitted to battling lifelong depression. Did I mention he's the freakin' logo.

5. Get The Bleep Button Ready

While both teams are entertaining and stacked, I probably wasn't going to watch more than 2 or 3 World Series games. Ozzie Guillen, formerly of my beloved White Sox, will be on Baseball Tonight breaking down the Classic. Must-see.

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